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It’s not the destination.. it’s the journey!

Follow Bryan & Julie, as they road trip through the USA, Canada and Mexico. Looking for a break from the daily grind, they saved up to buy a Roadtrek Class B RV motorhome and planned a trip of a lifetime! Follow below on their travels and experiences along the way…

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October 3, 2019
The Alaska Highway Continues – Liard River Hot Springs, BC to Whitehorse, YT

Liard River Hot Springs, BC Saying that the Liard River Hot Springs is in the middle of nowhere would be a vast understatement.  The springs are located in the extreme north of British Columbia.  To give you an idea of how long it would take you to get to this place, if you were not...

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September 25, 2019
The Start of the Alaska Highway – Edmonton, AB to Liard Hot Springs, BC

Driving northwest from Edmonton it is a little strange to see signs for Alaska.  Technically Edmonton is the last major city that you come across when driving to Alaska however the Alaska border is still over 1500 miles away.  The city of Anchorage is about 400 miles past that.  To put that in perspective, 1900...

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September 12, 2019
Gateway to the North – Edmonton, Alberta

As plans go with my Dad, everything is last minute.  The night before he had called saying that he might come and meet us in Edmonton for the weekend but would not be able to make a decision until the next morning.  This was fine for us as we were planning on going there anyway...

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September 5, 2019
Lake Louise & Jasper National Park

Heading north from the town of Banff we were excited to see Lake Louise.  We had tried to book a spot at the nearby provincial campground but they were completely booked.  So instead we were going to be staying in a lodge for the second time on the trip.  There are two lodges at Lake...

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August 29, 2019
Banff National Park – Canada’s Playground for the World

Waking up we were eager to get out of big city Calgary and get back into nature.  Today we were headed to one of Canada’s most famous national parks, Banff.  The weather had gotten much warmer in the few days that we spent in Calgary and we hoped that it translated to warmer weather in...

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August 15, 2019
Canada’s Cowboy Capital – Calgary, Alberta

Crossing the Border Crossing the border at anytime is a bit nerve wracking.  The normal questions are “Where are you going, How long will you be in Canada and What do you do for a living?”.  When the answer to “What do you do for a living?” is technically unemployed and traveling the customs agent...

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August 8, 2019
Helena, MT and Glacier National Park

Driving west from Bozeman Julie and I traveled further west in Montana than we had ever been before.  The mountains got bigger and the people, fewer.  Soon enough we pulled into Helena, the capitol of Montana.  As we love to do when in capitol cities our first stop was the capital building itself.  So far...

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July 31, 2019
Big Sky Country – Billings & Bozeman, Montana

Traveling north from Wyoming to Montana was one of our checkpoints on this trip.  This would be the last state that we would stop in before crossing the border into Canada, one step closer to getting to Alaska.  This was also a new state for us in a way.  In talking with a few people,...

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July 26, 2019
The Journey North – Colorado & Wyoming

It seemed almost surreal that we were leaving New Mexico.  We had come there unexpectedly but had stayed there for so long it almost started to feel like home.  If we were going to make it to Alaska however there was only one way to go…..North! Great Sand Dunes National Park – Colorado Julie had...

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July 20, 2019
The Soul of the Southwest – Taos, NM

Leaving Santa Fe we were on our way to our last stop in New Mexico in the town of Taos.  As before when we drove around Santa Fe, the drive to Taos was awesome.  People generally don’t think of New Mexico being in the Rocky Mountains but it is.  Taos itself sits at almost 7000...

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