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It’s not the destination.. it’s the journey!

Follow Bryan & Julie, as they road trip through the USA, Canada and Mexico. Looking for a break from the daily grind, they saved up to buy a Roadtrek Class B RV motorhome and planned a trip of a lifetime! Follow below on their travels and experiences along the way…

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March 23, 2018
Astronauts & Crawfish – Welcome to Houston

Leaving Big Bend National Park we had a long drive ahead of us. As it was a 10+ hour drive we thought it would be best to split it up into two days instead of trying to do a one monster night drive. Let me backtrack a little to tell you why we were making...

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March 16, 2018
Howdy Texas! Road tripping through El Paso & Big Bend National Park

Waking up our last morning in New Mexico we felt a bit strange. We had only spent 4 days (our shortest stay in any state where we had spent the night) but per weather issues we had to move on. After eating breakfast and packing up we hit the road. El Paso is only about...

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March 2, 2018
New Mexico USA

Driving north from the Arizona/Mexico border we crossed into New Mexico. We generally try to stay off the major highways, as the small towns are more interesting to see that are off the beaten path. Crossing over a states border on a 2-lane road in the middle of nowhere is for some reason a lot...

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February 25, 2018
Saguaro & Cowboys – Traveling Southern Arizona

We hit the road again heading south. We were heading to Tucson from Sedona. Initially when planning the trip we had planned to see the southern rim of the Grand Canyon at this time. We had though forgot about a little season called winter, which to our surprise still exists in a desert state like...

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February 21, 2018
On the road again…Cruising East to Arizona

Waking up back in the USA was a different feeling for us. Turning on the hotel TV and understanding what people were saying was pretty nice. Today was a day that Julie and I had waited 2 months for. We were going to be reunited with Bubbles and continue our “normal” life of camping in...

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February 8, 2018
Flying South of the Border – Guadalajara & Tequila, Mexico

I know in our last post I did say that we were going back to the snowy northeast for a little bit….and its true we did. From San Diego we flew to Florida for an annual family reunion then up to snowy Rochester. After being in Southern California and Southwest Florida, Upstate NY was quite...

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January 14, 2018
Exploring Palm Springs & The Coachella Valley

Waking up the last morning in Los Angeles was tough. LA had been good to us. The weather was beautiful, people were great and the food was outstanding. We also didn’t want to give up the new addition to our fleet, our rental Camaro. We had a deadline though to return it so we packed...

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January 13, 2018
Touring Los Angeles

It was a bit hard leaving San Diego, as it is normally for us when leaving a place that we had been to for a week. It was even harder for Julie as she had not seen her parents for a few months and in an instant they were gone again. Knowing that we would...

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January 12, 2018
We’ve hit the border! Cruisin around San Diego

Leaving Monterey the day after Thanksgiving we had a long drive ahead of us. Julie’s parents were meeting us today in San Diego and without any long delays the drive was still in the 8-9 hour range. We said goodbye to Melissa and Harper, hopped in Bubbles and we were off. We drove south along...

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January 4, 2018
Gobble, Gobble – Cruising to Thanksgiving in Central California

We woke up under a grove of palm trees at our campground just outside of Sacramento. Today would be a travel day with a stop in Livermore, CA, just outside of Oakland to visit with some new friends. We had met Stacey and her mom Mary on a bike brewery tour weeks before, while in...

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