Toronto February 24th-26th 2017

Welcome to our first blog post! We are very excited to be here. Our first trip was not with our RV but just a drive to Canada to visit our friend and test out our new camera. We both hadn’t been to Toronto in a few years and figured we were due to see our friend and the city again. We took the day off on Friday and left early so we could stop at a few wineries on the way. We both had never been to wineries in Canada and were eager to see how they compared to our Finger Lakes wineries. We were not disappointed. Our first stop was at an all ice wine winery appropriately named The Ice House Winery. We sampled different types of ice wine, there is even red ice wine, and we learned more about ice wine in Canada. After that we went to the Reif Estate Winery just before the town of Niagara-On-The-Lake. The winery had just opened for the day and soon the employees found out that one of their fridges had gone rogue and become a freezer over night. It was so sad to watch them pour frozen wine literally down the drain. We enjoyed our unfrozen versions of the wine they make. Very good! Next we went into town, had some lunch that we had packed and then went to our next stop, The Exchange Brewery. We sampled a flight of very delicious beer and purchased some for home. After that we continued our drive to Toronto where we met up with our friend Adrian. Adrian showed us around Toronto and took us to a music event at the Royal Ontario Museum that night.

Saturday we woke up, got coffee from Jet Fuel Coffee and started our day tour of Toronto. We took in a working farm in the middle of the city before Adrian took us to an amazing place for brunch called House on Parliament. After brunch we took the subway to Yorkville where we saw the Ice Carving Festival sculptures, which are beautiful. It is truly amazing how many details people can carve into ice. There was even a ice Taj Majal! We did tons of walking this day. We searched for some food and found a place called La Cubana that served amazing Cuban food and mojitos. After sitting in Toronto’s Cuban paradise we braved the cold again and left to check out a bar, called Tallboys. Adrian had been telling us about the bar all day long. We ended up meeting one of the brothers that owns it and had a great conversation with him while enjoying some local brews. After the bar we went back to Adrian’s place where we met more of Adrian’s friends and we all went to the Distillery District. In the Distillery District we sat outside a Mexican restaurant in a beer garden, which had actual fire pits and had great conversation with everyone. It was very picturesque as it even started to snow lightly. We had a great time with Adrian and his friends and got some dinner at a restaurant nearby before calling it a night.

Sunday we started our morning again with Jet Fuel Coffee. Jet Fuel Coffee is amazing; seriously please go there if you are ever in Toronto, you will not be disappointed. I had been craving Indian food so we had some for lunch. I felt adventurous and tried something new and then drank tons of water since it was super spicy to me (haha). We had a great time with Adrian all weekend and after lunch said our goodbyes. On our way home, my brother had recommended Thirty Bench Wine Makers. We sampled some of their extremely delicious wine; we highly recommend this place and purchased some for home. Then we got in the car and drove back to the USA and back home to Rochester, NY. It was a great trip; Adrian is a wonderful host and Toronto is a beautiful city full of lots to do and things to see. We are sure we will be back again soon.

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