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It’s not the destination.. it’s the journey!

Follow Bryan & Julie, as they road trip through the USA, Canada and Mexico. Looking for a break from the daily grind, they saved up to buy a Roadtrek Class B RV motorhome and planned a trip of a lifetime! Follow below on their travels and experiences along the way…

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June 11, 2020
Traveling the Tall Corn State – Iowa!

Waking up at our campground just west of Des Moines we truly felt almost like we were back on the east coast.  We had come a long way in just a week and unlike Northern California & Western Nevada there were no mountains to speak of here.  Iowa was a sort of a new travel...

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June 4, 2020
Touring Nebraska – Lincoln & Omaha

Waking up at our campground we were excited to see what the two largest cities in Nebraska had to offer.  As both Lincoln and Omaha are in eastern Nebraska and only about an hour apart, we had chosen a campground between them so we would not have to move campsites on a daily basis.  Today...

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May 29, 2020
Interstate 80 Travels – Nevada to Nebraska

Waking up in Lake Tahoe we knew we had a long road ahead of us.  We had done some planning as Julie wanted to do something special for her birthday which was happening in about a week and a half.  Julie has a large part of her family in the Indianapolis, IN area and her...

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May 21, 2020
Lake of the Sky – Exploring Lake Tahoe

Driving from Carson City, NV up to Lake Tahoe is quite the experience.  As Carson City sits at over 4000 feet in elevation it is already quite high compared to many towns in the USA.  Lake Tahoe however sits at over 6,200 feet of elevation.  On the Nevada side there is only one main route...

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May 14, 2020
The Biggest Little City in the World! – Touring Reno, Carson City & Virginia City, Nevada

Just before the Nevada border the scenery took a drastic turn from arid farmland to dry desert.  We passed the Welcome to Nevada sign as we entered the outskirts of Reno.  As we drove towards the town, I had remembered the previous time I had been in Reno back in 2007.  My friend Matt and...

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May 7, 2020
3 Days in and around Redding, California

When we chose to go to Redding (or most cities that we travel to), we do not do much initial research before going.  We look on a map and if the city is in an interesting natural area or in Redding’s case, the largest town in the area, we figure there has to be at...

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April 30, 2020
Cruising around Lassen Volcanic National Park

We woke up at the Mt. Lassen KOA campground in Shingletown, CA excited to explore a brand new to us national park, Lassen Volcanic National Park.  If you have never heard of this national park don’t be embarrassed.  This park is on almost every top ten list of least visited national parks in the USA. ...

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April 23, 2020
Visiting Friends in Central California – Monterey to Livermore

Waking up in California wine country north of San Francisco, Julie and I were excited for the day.  Today we were headed a few hours south to Monterey to spend a few days with our good friend Melissa.  After a quick breakfast we packed up the van and we were off. We headed back onto...

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April 17, 2020
To the Trees! Our Return to Northern California’s Redwood and Wine Regions

Entering California from Oregon Julie and I were super excited.  We have many favorite places that we had been to in the country, but this area is in the top 3.  The extreme northern part of California is just breathtakingly beautiful.  It’s also very sparsely populated being a 6 ½ hour highway drive north from...

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April 9, 2020
Oregon’s National Park – Crater Lake

Lava Lands of the Central Oregon High Desert Driving south from Bend towards Crater Lake we were on the road again.  I think in terms of tourism, this part of Oregon really gets overlooked.  It’s not Portland and it’s not on its beautiful coastline.  This area of the state is special unto itself.  Only about...

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